Wedding Series!

10 Jan

Happy Tuesday, dreamers!

Big news: my best friend got engaged a couple weeks ago during the Christmas season!  It was so special to be home with her when it happened (and she totally tricked me into thinking it hadn’t happened, so when she came by with that big, shiny, new diamond I was completely surprised!)  It’s such a fun phase in life when your friends start to get married and take the next step with people that they love dearly.  As two other friends reminded me this weekend, it is so special to witness it and see what true love really looks like between two people.

…But, weddings present a TON of questions.  I think it will be so helpful if we band together and try to solve some of these questions as a team!  It’s so hard to know what rules are still followed and what is outdated.  A modern girl has a thousand questions about everything…

…from her outfit (Can I wear black to a wedding?  What if it’s a winter wedding?  What if it’s at night?  What is everyone else wearing? What does “black tie” mean?)

…to gift etiquette (Can I take it to the wedding or should I send it?  Do  I have to send a gift if I can’t attend the shower?  Do I have to give a more expensive gift at the wedding than the shower?)

…to the RSVP (What if there’s no RSVP card?  How do I know if I get a plus one?)

…to being in the bridal party (What are my responsibilities?  How much will it cost?  What’s my time commitment?)

…to helping plan (What questions should I try to ask?  What do I need to bring to a venue-showing/dress-fitting/caterer-tasting?)

Clearly, the Big Day isn’t necessarily the simplest day.  It’s amazingly fun and so special to be a part of, but let’s make sure we’re adequately prepared so everything goes smoothly.  The posts in this series will trickle in as we ramp up for wedding season with not just our questions and answers, but also with wedding inspiration, outfit options, and DIY projects to aid all of us…whether we’re brides, bridesmaids, or enthusiastic guests.

And with that, I’ll leave you all with a little winter wedding inspiration below (courtesy of my Pinterest and Style Me Pretty blog).

Please leave any questions you want us to dive into together or tips you have below!  I’m excited for this series!



2 Responses to “Wedding Series!”

  1. Katy Greene January 10, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    deep thoughts. love the blog, lady!

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